Zuckermann Clavichord IV with stand

Built in 1974 from Zuckermann kit. Unfretted strings. Built-in music desk. Compartment for small tools.

5 octaves x to x. Double strung – 2 strings per note. Needs tuning. Having the patience to get a reasonable tuning is essential. All the strings are there.

Wonderful instrument to play. Bach is bliss. If you have never played one, it is very quiet. But so expressive, your fingers bouncing off the strings.

At the end of each key is a brass tangent which strikes a pair of brass strings. You have almost direct contact with the strings. (A harpsichord plucks the strings without variation or the personal expression possible from a clavichord.)

Case is cherry veneer. Separate custom-build stand. Stand needs regluing. Weight is probably under 100lb and is basically a big box. Easy to put on a table or store. Has sun-bleaching on the back, otherwise is excellent condition. Sound board has split which is common and has no effect on the quality or volume of the instrument.